About Us

We strive to make the best sauces, spice blends and rubs available to the grilling, smoking, barbecue enthusiast.


Don’t Get It On Your Forehead! My Saucy Story

          My saucy story began in Houston Texas in the early ’80s. I was working as an engineering recruiter for the oil industry. Weekend activities for my friends and I consisted of lots of beer drinking and experimenting with different methods of recreating the mouthwatering brisket that could be found at joints all around Texas. None of our efforts were successful, sad to say. Fast forward to the early ‘90s. I was managing a barbecue restaurant in Dublin, Georgia and began playing around with making barbecue sauce. Georgia barbecue is pork, but my brisket experiments continued, and my sauce began to take form.


Our Company

Kenny Bob’s Foods was founded in 2015 by Ken And Brenda Allen. We are located 40 miles north of Nashville Tennessee in the beautiful town of Springfield.

Our mission is to create the best cooking and condiment sauces available using only the finest ingredients.

Our love and passion is helping you create a memorable experience through food.

How 'bout some sauce?

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