The Twins

The Twins

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These are my Twins.

My mild version of Sippin Dippin & Flippin sauce starts with a tomato base but infuses mustard and apple cider vinegar to create a flavor explosion of tartness and tanginess. With the addition of 13 different spices, a hint of ground chilis and a touch of cumin the flavor pallet begins to evolve giving you a deep far-flung experience finished off with a whisper of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Your tastebuds will travel through sweet, tangy and spicy and end up with a smokey whiskey barrel finish. It is good on beef, pork, chicken and seafood, and pretty much any other thing you can think of. It is designed to compliment not over power whatever you choose to put it on.

When I started working on a hot sauce, taste was top priority. I did not want a sauce that was just hot, so I started with the same base as the mild to develop the deep taste, and then introduced Ancho, Chipotle, Habanero, and Cayenne peppers to the mix. When you taste my hot sauce you get the sweetness of the base followed by an increasing heat from the peppers. Be warned; the hot will grow, so as I say, “Don’t get any on your forehead.”